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"It is no exaggeration to say that skin is life for women. Clear and healthy skin makes your appearance even brighter. Many women spend a lot of time and money on skin care with a variety of management methods such as hydration, double skin, massage, cosmetics, and packs.

Especially, the mask pack, which can be seen even by simply putting it on the face, is known as a management secret of many people. According to a survey by a research firm, more than 73% of Korean women are skin care workers using mask packs.

Many are challenging the so-called 'one pack a day', but not all are effective. I have tried all the mask packs that are famous for skin, but if you are worried about not feeling the change, pay attention to this article. There are various kinds of mask packs available on the market, but keep in mind that products known to be effective should not be used on their own skin.

When choosing a foundation product, it is important to use a mask pack to suit your age, skin condition, and anxiety, just as you buy your skin type considering it. We suggest a mask pack that is perfect for skin aging by age group."

◎ Recommended mid-20s to late 30s

"If you were worried about simple rashes in your childhood, you would not have to worry about one or two skin troubles from the mid 20s. For those aged between 20s and 30s who need to care about keratin, dryness, pore enlargement, wrinkles and dullness, the recommended product is Mercel 'Sharermelting Collagen, which allows multi-care in a single pack. A high concentration of high-dose ampoule containing various active ingredients can be used for multi-care because it contains effective ingredients such as wrinkle, brightening, nutrition, elasticity, and trouble-care. It also contains an extract of Chanthoxylum spp. It should be suitable for troublesome skin.

The main feature of this product is that it is not a general sheet that is wet with ampoules. 'Nano fiber collagen sheet' called 'Melting sheet, melting mask pack' attaches to the skin and delivers good ingredients quickly. The tightly packed pack not only serves to deliver highly concentrated high-dose ampoules containing various active ingredients more effectively to the skin, but also provides a keratin removal effect when the pack is removed. Not only that, you can also see the immediate lifting effect that tightens the skin while drying.

It is also effective for workers who do not have enough time to sleep. Since the sheet is melted to the skin and the pack is attached, it is hard to distinguish it from the naked eye. Therefore, if you go out after you put out the mask pack only in the busy morning to work, you can solve the skin care step easily and quickly. Especially, the fact that the make-up on the pack does not make much difference attracts the attention of many women, as well as famous influencers such as SNS stars and Yu-Tubers, as well as beauty experts such as bloggers and entertainers."

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