What is nano-fiber film technology?

Micro, thin, breathable and water dissolvable film, nano-fiber film technology is revolutionary technology and safe to use on the skin. It has a 5,000x larger skin contact area that allows beneficial nutrients to reach even the most delicate parts of the skin. The highly adhesive film helps to reduce wrinkles and improves the absorption of the beneficial and nutritive ingredients contained in the ampoule.

How long can I wear the mask?

There is no limitation. You can wear as long as you want day or night. However, normal skin pores need at least one hour to open up. Therefore, we recommend wearing it for at least 1-½ to 2 hours, so that the ampoule has sufficient time to deliver nutritive ingredients deeper into skin. To see improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend at least 2 ½ to 3 hours of usage.

I am confused on how to use the mask sheet. Is there an order to follow?

Sharr Mask has 3 layers. The nano-fiber sheet is protected by printed felt paper and a mesh screen. First, apply the ampoule to your face. After applying the ampoule, dry your hand with a towel before touching the mask sheet. Remove the printed paper first. Place the mask sheet on your face with the mesh screen facing away from the face. Remove the mesh parts.

How do I know when to remove mesh parts of mask?

Once you place the mask on your face, the nano-fiber film absorbs ampoule and melts to attach on your face. During this process, the film becomes transparent, different from its original white color. The mesh screen should be easy to remove. If you see any white color left on the screen, apply ampoule on that area, enough to dissolve the film. You can also use water mist in a spray and save the leftover ampoule to apply on the neck and hands.  

How much ampoule should I use?

It varies by the size of an individual’s facial areas. Normally, it is enough to use half or two-thirds of the given ampoule to apply to the face thoroughly. We recommend not applying more than two-thirds of the ampule because excessive ampoule usage delays the drying of the nano film. You can always add more ampoule before removing mesh screen.

What’s in the ampoule and what does it do?

Ampoule is comprised of a concentrated mixture of dermatologically approved ingredients. The Sharr ampoule contains a complex comprised of many natural extract such as Propolis, Grapefruit, Cocoa/Cacao, Rosemary leaf, Lavender, Peppermint, Matricaria, Daisy, and more. These ingredients are known to help with brightening, moisturizing, improving radiance, and regenerating the skin. With the help of the nano-fiber film, the superb ingredients are constantly delivered deeper into skin layers.

Do you use any preservatives in the Sharr Mask?

Absolutely not. We pack the ampoule and mask sheets in two completely separate chambers in pouches. The mask sheet is vacuum packed and there is no need to use preservatives.

How do I get instant savings?

Consider buying a bundle order instead of pouch. 1 Bundle (5 pcs pouch) save 10% instantly. 2 Bundles (2 x 1 Bundle, total 10 pcs pouch) save 20% instantly. There is no need to use any promo code.

How do I return a product?

We accept returns on unused and unopened condition only. Please contact us at contact@sharrmask.com first before returning

Are there any subscription programs available?

Due to high demand, we are currently working on providing a subscription program. It will be available soon and we will inform you as soon as possible. To stay informed with the latest news regarding Sharr mask, subscribe to our newsletter.