About Sharr Mask

When compared to traditional nonwoven fabrics, the 5000x larger skin contact area of our innovative nanofiber allows the Sharr Mask ultrafine fibers to reach even the most delicate areas of your skin with beneficial and nutritive ingredients. The highly absorptive ultrafine membrane provides immensely positive effects in beauty care through our patented function-oriented mask sheet. Mercell is a dermatological brand focused on healing sensitive skin.

Skin care, when is the best time to start?

The earliest age group who begin skin-aging and need skin care is the middle 20’s to early 30’s. You can prevent skin aging during that critical early stage when you cannot see visible problems. The Mercell Mask sheet helps prevents skin trouble in younger age-groups, but also relieves skin trouble such as fine lines and wrinkles in more mature age-groups.

Daily-use mask, how much your skin can absorb?

Incorporating a large amount of beneficial ingredients is important to skincare. But if those ingredients cannot be absorbed efficiently by your skin, it makes no difference. An adhesive mask pack solves fundamental problems like these and improves absorption for harder to impact curved areas like the nose, eyes, or mouth.

General Mask vs Nanofiber

Our mask uses a patented nano fiber technology.  The water soluble nano fiber has high moisture absorption, very high adhesion with a much thinner breathable film. It can be worn with even make-up on top of it. And has absolutely no preservatives.

Product Features 

  • The world's first melting mask pack with nano fiber technology.
  • Brightening and wrinkle relieving double function cosmetics: contains niacinamide and adensosine which are recognized as brightening and wrinkle improving ingredients by the K-Beauty Administration.
  • Lifting power you can feel immediately: You can feel improve fine wrinkles and lifting as soon as you wear it.
  • Nano size collagen maximizes skin absorption: Advanced water soluble nano mask sheet delivers active ingredients to the sclerite to provide more supple and elastic skin.
  • Like a second skin: About 5,000 time stickier than felt fiber, so you can even put on make-up after you put on the mask.
  • Fine dust blocking & purification: When you peel it off, you can see visible waste on the sheet from your skin.  Keep your skin clean by blocking harmful materials in daily life which impact skin absorption like pollution and harmful chemicals.
  • No preservatives.

Super Large Skin Contact Area

Nanofiber has a larger surface contact area.  It is 5,000 times larger than the area of felt (nonwoven) fiber. Therefore, it can provide skin active ingredients to previously distant hard to reach areas.

Features of Soluble Utrafine fiber Membrane

  • Autolysis: Web structure membrane made of nano-sized fiber melted in essence.
  • Maximizing Contact Area: Deliver ingredients to isolated areas with larger skin contact 5,000 times than felt fiber.
  • Maximizing Delivering Ingredients: Superior high-efficiency ingredients are about 900 nanometers to maximize absorbing ingredients.
  • Loading Various Active Ingredients: Available to load active ingredients in range of maximum 25wt% (differentiation with existing extracts)

Physical Features of Soluble Utrafine fiber Membrane

  • Ultrathin & Ultralight: Made of ultrathin and ultralight nano fiber.
  • Fresh Breathability while wearing
  • Soft Texture: 60~70% of 3D nano membrane is porosity, so it is very light and soft
  • Excellent Skin Adhesion: Nano fiber is soft, ultrathin and ultralight to maximize skin adhesion. Do energetic activities like sports after wearing!

Product Functions

Immediate Lifting


Activity and Moisturizing