Launching Mercell Sharr Mask Melting Collagen Total Care

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GNCOS, one of the leading cosmetic industry company at Seoul, Korea, introduces 4th generation facial mask.  Sharr mask uses a patented nano fiber technology.  The water soluble nano fiber has high moisture absorption, very high adhesion with a much thinner breathable film. It can be worn with even make-up on top of it. And has absolutely no preservatives. The SharrMask product features are:
  • The world's first melting mask pack with nano fiber technology.
  • Brightening and wrinkle relieving double function cosmetics: contains niacinamide and adensosine which are recognized as brightening and wrinkle improving ingredients by the K-Beauty Administration.
  • Lifting power you can feel immediately: You can feel improve fine wrinkles and lifting as soon as you wear it.
  • Nano size collagen maximizes skin absorption: Advanced water soluble nano mask sheet delivers active ingredients to the sclerite to provide more supple and elastic skin.
  • Like a second skin: About 5,000 time stickier than felt fiber, so you can even put on make-up after you put on the mask.
  • Fine dust blocking & purification: When you peel it off, you can see visible waste on the sheet from your skin.  Keep your skin clean by blocking harmful materials in daily life which impact skin absorption like pollution and harmful chemicals.
  • No preservatives.

You can expect immediate wrinkle improvements, lifting, and brighter skin tones after 1st uses.  GNCOS recommends at least 2~3 hours to wear mask to maximize experience. 

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