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The choice of international fashion beauty blogger Chailee Son - MERCELL Sharr Mask Melting Collagen known as "soluble mask" and "invisible mask". Chailee Son, active in the global beauty industry, has promoted Korean beauty products to the world while trying out countless products. Her acclaimed in many mask products is this unique and effective MERCELL mask.

This product has revolutionized the shortcomings of existing non-woven fiber mask paper, and combines high-concentration essence containing various active ingredients with mask paper to penetrate into the skin. The life-transmitting substance relies on the essence to be naturally decomposed, while the mask paper is transparent on the skin surface and does not need to be removed separately.

As its name suggests, the essence of the mask is slowly absorbed in the skin and absorbed by the skin, which is more effective than the mask that the previous essence cannot be absorbed. It not only provides moisture to the skin, but also enhances, whitens, improves wrinkles, and purifies pores. One of the most attractive features of a mask is its attractive features, and it has won many Korean fashion people such as Chailee Son. , the blogger's favorite.

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