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[Oh Hyung-joon] It is K-beauty that is popular with K-pop, drama and Korean wave culture contents. As interest in Korean singer and actresses grows, interest in eating and applying them is increasing.

In line with this trend, domestic beauty brands that lead K-beauty are also making rapid progress. In fact, it has been a long time since Korean cosmetics stock prices have risen on the Korean Wave. Now, it is expanding its position in overseas market, and it is expanding its strategy to enter the domestic market.

There are some brands that are still strange to domestic consumers, but there are brands that cause silent gusts in overseas markets. I looked at the beauty brands that are showing terrible growth with their excellent product strength and pride that they are Korean products. Now, they have a long time to get a big love from their home country, Korea.

Mercel's "Sharermask Melting Collagen" is called "Stealth Mask Pack" and "Melting Mask Pack" and is popular in Korea. It is not difficult to find authentication shots in the SNS of home and abroad as well as influential documents such as hand cheerleading.

Amazon, Taobao, and other international famous shopping malls and exposition, and has become popular in Korea and is expanding distribution channels in Korea. The secret of this popularity is the excellent product. Conventional nonwoven mask packs have a lot of essences wasted due to lack of skin adhesion force and fail to effectively transmit effective ingredients to the skin. The GNCOS research team and the doctor who specializes in nanofiber will develop this to complement these shortcomings.

Highly concentrated ampoule containing various active ingredients penetrates deep into the skin with a special sheet. In addition, the collagen, propolis, centipede extract, and hyaluronic acid contained in the gun sheet are absorbed in the skin to the skin with the highly concentrated ampoule. As you can see from the product name, it is possible to work freely in a state of being attached, and make-up can be done on the pack immediately, so it can be used even in busy daily life.

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